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For past years, we have been successful precisely because the company has developed sales of products that specialists have told us they need. Our customers have always driven our existance and they will continue to do so. Apart from working to sell better products to treat common health disorders, we will carry on intensive research into finding out the state of the art medical equipment.

In Republic of Moldova, the market for KARL STORZ SE & Co. and CARL ZEISS products continues to grow because of advances in medical technology, improved therapies, increased numbers of specialists, economic growth in emerging markets and the increasing proportion of older people who have access to health care.

SC “DENOLGA MEDICAL” LTD is in an excellent position to take advantage of these trends because of our close working relationships with the specialists and other care professionals.
We thank our customers for their support and dedication. We appreciate our remarkable employees whose hard work, dedication and creativity have helped us deliver solid results year after year.

We are looking forward to reporting to you on our progress during the year ahead.

August, 01, 2007

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